About the general participation

First of all, have fun!

Most fans are visiting a “Comic live” convention to enjoy the Doujinshi and to have fun.
In other words, the Doujinshi vending is the general gist of this event.
To enter, only a small booklet needs be bought at the hall’s entrance.
The rest is up to you - you can meet your friends and favorite artists, Doujinshi can be purchased, you can chat with artists from your favorite circle. It’s all up to the visitor to explore the enjoyable and exciting convention.

You can check the website in advance to decide which section of the event you want to visit.

To make this a fun event for everyone, there are certain rules that need to be followed.
Please make sure to read and respect those rules. The rules are displayed on the “Attention” section.

Participation methods

If you want to trade your Books and goods, please join "Circle participation".
If you want to wear a cosplay costume at the event or take pictures, please join the "Costume play participation"

About the booklet

The booklet describes basic information about studio YOU, the participating circles, as well as the circle locations in the event hall. In fact it is an essential event guide and event ticket at the same time. The booklet is sold for 500 to 1000 Yen at the entrance of the hall. (Price varies, depending on size of the hall / event.)

If the booklets should be sold out, visitors can still enter the event for the reduced ticket-price of 400 to 800 Yen.
Of course we are very sorry if the booklets should be out of stock.
We are always trying our best to print enough for everyone.

All income of studio YOU sponsored events come through the mentioned booklets.
Those booklets do not only show the participation of each circle but also inform about the rules of conduct and main information concerning the convention.
Of course each visitor who is of school age or over has to buy a booklet to enter.
Visitors under school age will not be charged.
■ Major premise ■
  • ・ Please follow the staff's instructions in the hall. If you don’t, you might be asked to leave.
  • ・ Please get along well with everyone and read the booklet for information about further details or changes concerning the hall and dojin stands.
  • ・ Please remember that the booklet becomes your ticket during the day.
  • ・ Present it to the staff each time you leave or re- enter the event-hall.
  • ・ Pay attention with re-entrance within 30 minutes after opening time and before closing time.
  • ・ Please receive a " re-entrance ticket " from the circle receipt (person in charge of re-entrance) when leaving the hall.
  • ・ A “ re-entrance ticket ” can only be given to visitors with bags etc. which are smaller than the booklet.
  • ・ It is prohibited to re-enter with bags etc. that are bigger than the booklet.
  • ・ Please have only one single booklet, and return the "re-entrance ticket" to the person in charge of re-entrance when entering the hall again.

Trouble prevention

  • ・?We want everyone to behave in a social manner so that everyone gets along.
  • ・?Especially, please do not shout or drop litter in the vicinity garbage when lining up in the morning.
  • ・?Please refrain from any show-performance or any action or behaviour that might cause confusion.
  • ・?Meeting in, standing in, or blocking the doorway in any other way is not allowed because it might trouble other visitors passing by. Also, in case of an emergency it might become a critical handicap.
  • ・?Please do not run in the hall. In case of rain the floor might be wet and slippery.
■ No alcohol, no smoking ■

・?Please do not drink alcohol nor smoke while in the hall.
・?We refer smokers to specified areas with ashtrays.

■ Food and drink ■
  • ・?Bringing in food and drink is free, however please make sure not to trouble the fellow artists and visitors.
  • ・?Please throw away your garbage in the nearest garbage BOX. There are different bags for separating "paper trash" and "plastic materials".
■ Forbidden items ■
  • ・?You may not carry certain objects with you. Items such as musical bands, large sized or long objects, arms, air guns, Nobori flagpoles, audio players, gunpowder, fuels, alcohol, pets etc. are prohibited.
  • ・?We will store away such objects in the headquarters.
  • ・?Please use objects within two meters in length for "Nobori".
■ The company’s holdings ■
  • ・?Do not vandalize against the company’s tables, chairs etc.
  • ・?If studio YOU staff or the rental company discovers any recently made scratches on a table etc, the regarding circle will be charged for the repairs.
  • ・?Please handle the furniture with care.
■ Calls ■
  • ・?Personal calls cannot be made - except in case of emergency.
■ Injury and sickness ■
  • ・ Please contact the first aid station and tell the staff about the issue.
■ Lost items and left behind things ■
  • ・?Please bring any lost item and left behind things etc. to the person in charge of the headquarters.
  • ・?We hope we can return any lost item to its rightful owner after the event’s end. (The person has to apply with an application)
  • ・ We store lost items for one month.
  • ・?Finally, we cannot compensate any money for lost items. Studio YOU takes no responsibility for any lost objects.
■ Accident ■
  • ・ Studio YOU cannot give any warranty for accidents that might happen outside of the hall.
  • ・ Be earnestly careful after acknowledging this beforehand.

Q & A

■ At the convention, will there be a place to put or distribute custom flyers? ■

Generally yes. However please ask for permission before you submit your handbills or
flyers. Normally, the flyers are placed in a handbill depository. Distributing flyers is
allowed in the time before general participation. Please refrain from distributing flyers
and handbills on the artist’s / circle’s tables inside the hall. After all, this might hinder
the circle’s sales.
If you want to distribute flyers or handbills, please click here.

■ Does the studio YOU sponsored event have any presale order of the booklet going? ■

The booklet is basically only sold on event day. We will notify on the homepage and flyers however, if any event with presale order is held.

■ What is the minimum age for buying a booklet? ■

A booklet has to be bought by every visitor of school age and over.

■ Where can I buy the event’s booklet? It seems to to be very important, if I want to enter the event! ■

The booklet is sold at the entrance of the hall, on the day of the event.
Please enter after buying it there.

■ I want to visit this doujin event, however this is my first time and I don’t know what I need to buy to enter. ■

Neither a ticket reservation nor application is necessary. However if you are coming to the doujin market to purchase a book, please visit the hall in the morning time of that day. Otherwise, the booklets, which also are the event tickets, might be sold out. You need one of those event booklets to enter the hall where the books are sold.
(In some cases you might also enter without a booklet, however that differs from event to event.) Please enter after buying the booklet. Of course, is possible to exit after you have entered. You can exit and re-enter the event hall as often as you wish as long as the doors are open - however please don’t forget to carry your booklet with you. This is very important.

■ Can I buy some adult doujin magazine? ■

Please do not buy any adult doujin if you are not legal of age.
However, since there are no age controls, the doujin are sold in good faith of the sellers.
The deal is based on each side’s trust, therefore we hope all visitors can understand the situation clearly.
If a visual underage visitor wants to buy an adult doujin, the deal might be refused, as long as the legal age can’t be proven by ID card, driver’s license or insurance proof. Please acknowledge this beforehand.