Company overview

YOU MEDIA Ltd. (ユウメディア)is a standing business company that has been involved in the MANGA and the anime industry for over 25 years. The purpose of our company is to offer the customer high-quality "Hobby Life".

In these times, the “Hobby” constitutes a shelter in a bewildering, modern society.
To live out the hobby means to enjoy and to relax. Featuring this objective, our company acquired a present position in Japanese society.?

Each weekend we organize and sponsor an event somewhere in Japan.
Until now, we have managed to hold more than 300 events a year.?

Each convention is different, so there is much work to be done to provide perfect “Hobby Life”. To please the customers, our staff always creates something new and weeds out the obsolete.??

Aiming on breaking down the current state of “Japan being slow with international release” we send that new culture that arose in Japan to people all over the world.
Since Japanese Manga culture is very contemporary, we are glad to be able to offer a pleasant “Hobby Life” .

We have piled up experience and results for 25 years. ??
Constant growth and improvement of this new market development was and is our task. Finally we rose to the stage of meeting the global market. We are convinced of our creativity and enthusiasm, our ultimate goal is to become the world's most active anime event group.? Although several challenges may lie ahead of us, we have already begun this important enterprise.

All people are directly connected with us, and the new future. The ever-growing community is our most precious wealth. We invest a great deal from the profit obtained in creating the new future of Japanese MANGA culture.