company overview

Company name Youmedia
Doujinshi Event section StudioYOU (ComicLive-OdekakeLive)
Cosplay Event organizing section Cos-Day
Brand name YOU YOU
Comic online shop section YouClub
Community site section CREAR public academy
TOY Event organizing section Takara-Jima collector’s market
Game Event organizing section Digital Character Festival
Publishing section Youmedia (Petit comics)
Address 111-0042 Tokyo Taitouku Kotobuki
1 - 5 - 9
TEL 03-3843-1211
FAX? 03-3843-2400
Establishment history
June, 1982 Editing section establishment
production establishment
March, 1985 Ueno AME yoko
Toyshop “YOUYOU” opening
July, 1987 Event section establishment
August, 1987 Comic Doujin exhibition event
(Comic Live) holding
April, 1988 PC Game software exhibition event
(Paso-ket) holding
January, 1996 Mail order section establishment
February, 1996 Change to the current company name
TOY event section establishment
April, 1998 Digital Character Festival holding
August, 1999 Comic publication section establishment
January, 2000 Cosplay (costume play) section establishment
August, 2001 Comic circulation section establishment
January, 2003 Youmedia gets its own code publication section establishment
March, 2005 Web Community “CREAR public academy” foundation
July, 2007 International section establishment