The main activities

■ Doujin magazine display with the exhibits on sale ■

Along with cosplay events from Hokkaido to Okinawa ? Shoujo events are held in about 40 places in each major city and over 300 times a year.

■ Mail order business of fan magazines, such as shoujo manga ■

“Kaiteki HonYa” provides a mail ordering system.
You can order various goods such as general manga, shoujo manga, games, fan-magazines, CDs and DVDs.

■ Web community site management ■

The community site management takes care of our “CREAR public academy” website.

■ Hobby event presentations are focused on collectable toy dolls. ■

In Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagoya, we hold about 10 such events per year.

■ Events for game software creators and dependent business ■

Game event holding that offers sales promotion activity of various game characters.

■ Integrated publication business to acquire its own publication code from integrated publisher commission. ■

Publication of manga under the label of "primo".